Craig / 09.07.19

Stop Smoking Cessation
After 34 years of smoking I am now a Non Smoker. Very good. Well worth it. Don't have much to say but very impressed on how it has gone and very satisfied and happy. Would recommend it to others indeed.

Karen / 27.06.19

Stop Smoking Cessation
I have been a smoker for 38 years. Amazing value all round. Gave me the tools and confidence to be able to achieve my goal of being a Happy, Healthy, Non Smoker.
Totally recommend Julie to everyone!

I.S / 31.05.19

Freed From My Past
Julie is at the same time a warm personality and a professional. She makes you feel comfortable, she is down to earth and thoughtful. She leaded me into relaxed state very easily. My mind was awake the whole time, which was important for me because I was actually very suspicious of hypnotherapy in general. I rode 6 hours from where I live to meet her because I knew I can trust her. With knowledge and experience, she led my unconscious so it helps me resolve the issue I was having. To see my unconscious work and sift through my memories like a librarian was an incredible experience. To see myself as little girl and understanding in full light the situations I experienced in the past was truly liberating. I walked out of Julie's session feeling incredibly empowered. A shadow has been lifted and a month has passed I can now say that the area I was so troubled with, confused and sad about before, now feels free, clean and fresh. As If I'm starting anew, without this incomprehensible emotional luggage dragging me down. I feel like I met my inner child during this session. I don't overanalyse and worry. I feel innocent again. Thank you Julie. My intimate relationship with my partner is now happier then ever, thanks to this issue resolved. I will be advising your beautiful service.

E.F / 27.04.19

Self .... .... .... .... ....
Fantastic, very professional, I'm confident that you will be impressed with this service.

Jessica / 07.04.19

OldPain2Go - Free Session
My pain related to my Pelvis and Back which I have had for about 6 years.
My Pelvis pain level was 6/10 at the beginning and now is a 4/10. My Back Pain was a 8/10 and now is a 2/10.
Amazing! I will love to do a full session. :-)

I found my experience relaxing, completely put me at ease. Julie is such a positive person. It is hard not to pick up the energy and positives from her. Very effective which came as a total surprise. Thoroughly Recommended.

FB / 13.03.19

My Pain was Migraines and Should Pain. I have had the Migraines for over 40 Years and Shoulder Pain for 6 Years. My Should Pain level was a 10/10 and now it is a 3/10. My Migraines have reduced with thanks.

I found my experience relaxing, completely put me at ease. Julie is such a positive person. It is hard not to pick up the energy and positives from her. Very effective which came as a total surprise. Thoroughly Recommended.

Katie / 02.02.19

Stop Smoking Cessation
Dear Julie

Thankyou for your assistance in my successful smoking cessation.
I had two hypnosis sessions with Julie her practice was impeccable. I was originally skeptic along hypnosis and wondered if I would be successful. It is now 3 weeks on smoke free.

I highly recommend this service. It has been life changing for myself and effortless.

Luke / 01.02.19

Weight Loss
First of all I would love to say thank you for helping me get my eating habits under control. You have really helped me turn my life around.

For anybody wondering if Hypnotherapy works I would love for them to read my story and encourage them to try it for themselves.

I have been over weight since leaving school in 2003. I knew I had to do something about it, but every time I tried I would lose the weight by exercising only to put it all back on. This time I knew I had to take a different approach. So after seeing some of the great work Julie has achieved with her patients I decided to give it a go. I found Julie to be very professional, knowledgeable and caring.

I am so proud to sit here and tell you how amazing the last few months have been. I am now under 100kg for the first time since I left school, I am currently at 99kg down from 120kg and I won’t be stopping until I reach my goal of 85kg.

After working with Julie I quickly started to notice a shift on how I viewed food, the cravings and bad habits started to disappear and I started to feel amazing.

I’ll be the first to admit I was sceptical at the start and never believed in Hypnotherapy, but after what Julie has helped me overcome it has changed my mind completely not to mentioned turned my life around. I encourage anyone struggling with their weight to give Julie a go, you won’t be disappointed.

I would love to leave a tip for anyone starting this journey.
After Julie setting me on the right path, I started talking to people on the same weight loss journey. I also started to do a lot of research in books and looking at scientific proof on weight loss. I came across two very interesting things.

Gut Health and intermittent Fasting. I encourage you to look into these if you already haven't.
I can’t thank you enough Julie and you truly are amazing.

Alisa / 28.01.19

Virtual Gastric Band for Weight Loss
I admit I was sceptical when making an appointment to see Julie for this - but my emotional eating had got out of control and I was severely obese and rapidly becoming very depressed. Not only did she make me feel relaxed and at ease, it was her amazing listening skills where she could see past the words I was saying and picked up so much more.

We had the few sessions "meeting the surgeon" and then the actual "surgery" under hypnosis and now it feels impossible to try and over-eat. I get a full feeling at the appropriate time and can happily say that I've had enough. I don't feel like I'm dieting at all, because it just feels right having a normal portion size, instead of what I previously could consume. I was someone that could do those restaurant challenges where you have to eat all the food and get a prize... EASILY! You would not think that of me now. The kgs are falling away - but at a healthy rate, because this is not a crash diet... it's a new way of life for me and it's AMAZING. I cannot thank you enough Julie.

Craig / 17.11.18

17.11.18 - Craig - I came to Julie for pain in the Neck, Shoulders and Wrists, also Anxiety. On my worst day I would be a 9/10. On the day of my treatment I was a 5/10. After treatment I was a 1/10. I had my treatment on the 27.10.18 and my pain and anxiety reduced, I have more control of my stress and I am able to relax on weekends. Thank You.

Cathy / 25.10.18

25.1.18 - Cathy - I had Neck, Shoulder Pain, Depression and Grief. On arrival my Neck and Shoulder pain level was a 7/10. On the same day I left with a 1/10. Julie is wonderful. Very Professional and Caring. Julie's fees are worth every cent and more. 15.11.18 - On the 25.10.18, I had not mentioned to Julie that I had suffered headaches on a regular basis for about 10 years. After the OldPain2Go treatment I have only had One Headache and it was mild. Thank You.

Daniel / 09.10.18

Relaxing, Calming Experience. I had neck and back pain for 27 years due to an accident. I now have Zero Pain in every part of my body. Feel Great.

Wendi / 02.10.18

I have arthritis which affect my back, neck, shoulders and hands. Very relaxed friendly atmosphere. Easy to follow instruction. Took my pain levels down. Thankful for that.

Lyn / 02.10.18

I came to see Julie for Pain from Osteoporosis in my neck and back which I have had for about 10 years or more. I also have pain in legs when trying to sleep. After treatment I had no pain. Great Experience. Looking froward to a good night sleep. 03.10.18 - "Morning Julie, I had a great night sleep. No leg pain. Thank you again."

Ashley / 02.10.18

I had pain in my left hand should and back for 8 years. Specialist and Doctors unable to diagnose. My pain levels on arrival were 10/10 which was normal. On completion of treatment my pain level was 0/10. Glad pain is gone. Unbelievable. Will recommend to others. I'm speechless. Gobsmacked. I didn't know what to say after treatment.

G.S / 01.10.18

I came to see Julie and yes I was a non believer (not now) for pain in most parts of my body due to an accident. Back, Neck, Hips, Knees, Shoulders, Lower Back, Hands, Feet. Most days I was a 10/10 unable to function mentally or physically. On arrival I was a 8/10 in pain. When I left I was pain free. Still didn't believe it. After a week I contacted Julie and told her that I was now believed it does really work. I am very grateful. I feel so much better in so many ways all thanks to Julie. Highly Recommend.

Trevor / 26.09.18

I came to see Julie for pain in my hip, back and a bulging disc which I have had for over 30 years. The experience was a lot more pleasant than anticipated. My pain level was a 7-8/10 when I arrived and when I left it was maybe a 2/10 which is what I asked for. Thank you.

V.C. / 19.09.18

I had 2 years lower back and hip pain. Very good had relief straight away. Pain totally gone. Thank you.

Joanne / 10.09.18

OldPain2Go - Fibromyalgia & Ross River Fever - Pain Messages Deleted
I found this road a very satisfying place to travel and it was a journey. It was confronting and releasing. I am pleased with how far my unconscious and I have moved together to make us pain free today. Thank You. Value for Money - Absolutely.

Larissa / 11.10.17

Asthma Sufferer
I recently took my 7 year old daughter to see Julie for her to try Hypnotherapy, to try and minimise the effect of her asthma which has effected in her every day life. Since birth my daughter has been a chronic asthmatic having numerous days off school throughout the year, thus having significant effect on her learning. After Peyton had her hour appointment with Julie, who took Peyton back in time to find a much healthier version of herself ; I have my daughter back only better. Only one slight episode of croop in 4 months as well as going off all her usual medication which she used to have on a daily basis. Peyton has been so much more active, happier and healthier since her hypnotherapy appointment and I have Julie to thank for that. Julie is warm, understanding and genuine in her approach and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

Chris / 28.04.17

Health & Well Being
I really enjoyed my sessions with you Julie. You are very down to earth and easy to communicate with. I found these sessions helped put things in perspective and helped pin point areas of my life I needed to balance out to achieve overall happiness. I always felt uplifted and positive after leaving each session. A lot of my setbacks/issues that I'm dealing with is due to my health and as a result, my reduced quality of life. I have had doctors and specialists suggest I see a psychiatrist (which I did) but to be brutally honest, I got so much more out of my sessions with you Julie then I ever did with a psychologist and psychiatrist.
Thanks, Chris :)

Sue / 06.04.17

I would definitely recommend Julie for any Hypnosis or Psychological problems that you have. Recently I had been very down & couldn't get my head around just doing my everyday work. I just wanted to sit & do nothing. Was letting everything just build up and cause myself stress. Had a few sessions with Julie and she has put me right back on track. I come away from talking with Julie feeling very happy & energetic.

Larissa / 14.05.17

Dear Julie I wanted to take this moment to write to you a letter of admiration and appreciation in recognition of your outstanding way of educating me on this age old way to take control and reduce anxiety in my life. You are a MASTER. I have had the pleasure of being hypnotised by you and because of this I have the power to reduce my anxiety in my every day life. You have a natural ability to reach out and listen to others and make it easy to understand and put into practice new skills. I want to sincerely thank you for being who you are and sharing your knowledge and skills with me. You are very patient and it has been very comforting opening up to you. I look forward to reaching out to you in the future.
Warmest Regards, Larissa xxx

Zanzibar / 30.05.17

A truly immersive experience. My sessions with Julie left me feeling exhausted yet energised. Like i'd entered one door and exited via another. I underwent hypnosis not knowing what to expect and left each session looking forward to the next. It was like hitting the re-boot button on my hectic thoughts and allowed me to re-group and re-gather. I cannot imagine how beneficial regular sessions would be when those few i underwent had such an impact on me. Julie's professional manner and soothing tones allowed me to completely relax and enjoy the experience. Looking forward to another session with Julie again soon.

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