Daniel / 09.10.18

Relaxing, Calming Experience. I had neck and back pain for 27 years due to an accident. I now have Zero Pain in every part of my body. Feel Great.

Wendi / 02.10.18

I have arthritis which affect my back, neck, shoulders and hands. Very relaxed friendly atmosphere. Easy to follow instruction. Took my pain levels down. Thankful for that.

Lyn / 02.10.18

I came to see Julie for Pain from Osteoporosis in my neck and back which I have had for about 10 years or more. I also have pain in legs when trying to sleep. After treatment I had no pain. Great Experience. Looking froward to a good night sleep. 03.10.18 - "Morning Julie, I had a great night sleep. No leg pain. Thank you again."

Ashley / 02.10.18

I had pain in my left hand should and back for 8 years. Specialist and Doctors unable to diagnose. My pain levels on arrival were 10/10 which was normal. On completion of treatment my pain level was 0/10. Glad pain is gone. Unbelievable. Will recommend to others. I'm speechless. Gobsmacked. I didn't know what to say after treatment.

Trevor / 26.09.18

I came to see Julie for pain in my hip, back and a bulging disc which I have had for over 30 years. The experience was a lot more pleasant than anticipated. My pain level was a 7-8/10 when I arrived and when I left it was maybe a 2/10 which is what I asked for. Thank you.

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